Born out of passion in 2015 by Palli Bergmann, Obsidian curates and executes unique and innovative tours around Iceland, Greenland, Lapland and the Faroe Islands, catering towards the adventurous high-end and luxury traveller. We are a full service agency, your one stop shop, catering to your most exclusive needs in the region.

We are passionate about our pure and unspoilt lands and and we are dedicated to maintain them for upcoming generations to enjoy. We offer you to join the cause.

Our destinations are all known for its raw beauty, authentic cultures and tranquility. Despite its proximity in north Europe they are all vastly different and each of them offers unique and distinct travel experiences.

We bypass the masses and we love to immerse our guests in the authentic Nordic culture and show them our secret spots located away from the crowds. We believe in the power of cultural interactions and strong local knowledge. We foster and rely on our region-wide personal and professional connections that ensure access wherever you want to go.

Let us tailor make your trip to fit  all your hearts desires and embark with us upon an adventure of a lifetime. Click below to request a tour to one of our destinations and we will get back to you within 12 hours to schedule a phone call and get the ball rolling.